Garage Door Maintenance | Wentzville Mo

A Grandview PrecisionTune can add years to the life of your door.

Regular maintenance is of utmost importance for a garage door, as it ensures consistent functioning and minimizes potential issues. When it comes to selecting a reliable service provider, Grandview Garage Doors in Wentzville, MO stands out as the best choice due to our unmatched expertise and exceptional track record.

  1. Visual Inspection
  2. Tightening and Lubrication
  3. Spring Adjustment
  4. Track Alignment
  5. Safety Sensor Test
  6. Opener Inspection
  7. Force and Limit Settings
  8. Safety Reverse Test
  9. Functionality and Balance Check
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A Grandview PrecisionTune garage door tune-up typically includes the following steps, all for one low price.


1. Visual Inspection: An expert technician will visually inspect the entire garage door system, including the door panels, springs, tracks, rollers, hinges, cables, and other hardware components. They will look for signs of wear, damage, misalignment, or any other issues that may affect the door’s performance.

2. Tightening and Lubrication: The technician will carefully tighten any loose nuts, bolts, or screws found during the inspection. They will also apply a high-quality lubricant to the moving parts, such as rollers, hinges, springs, and tracks, ensuring smooth and frictionless operation.

3. Spring Adjustment: If necessary, the technician will adjust the tension of the garage door springs to ensure proper balance and optimal operation. This step helps prevent issues like uneven door movement or excessive strain on the opener.

4. Track Alignment: The tracks along which the door moves will be checked for alignment. The technician will adjust the tracks if they are misaligned, ensuring that the door moves smoothly and evenly.

5. Safety Sensor Test: The safety sensors located near the bottom of the door will be tested to ensure they are properly aligned and functioning. The technician will ensure that the sensors can detect any obstructions or objects in the door’s path and respond accordingly.

6. Opener Inspection: If you have a garage door opener, the technician will inspect its components, including the motor, gears, belts, or chains. They will check for any wear, damage, or issues that might affect the opener’s performance. They may also perform any necessary adjustments or lubrication.

7. Force and Limit Settings: The technician will test and adjust the force and limit settings of the opener to ensure that the door stops and reverses properly when encountering an obstruction or reaching the fully open or closed positions.

8. Safety Reverse Test: The technician will conduct a safety reverse test to confirm that the garage door reverses its movement when it comes into contact with an object or obstruction, ensuring the safety of people and property.

9. Functionality and Balance Check: Finally, the technician will test the overall functionality of the garage door, including opening and closing cycles, smoothness of operation, balance, and general performance. They will make any additional adjustments as needed to achieve optimal function.

By following these steps, a Grandview PrecisionTune garage door tune-up aims to optimize the performance, safety, and longevity of your garage door system.


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